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PLANTECH is a young and dynamic company operating in the handling powders, granules and liquids in various industrial applications: plastics, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cement. The machines and systems that are offered to customers derive from the long experience of the technical staff and timely internal audit application in the field.

Each project is designed for the specific needs and demands of the customer considering the best technical and economic solutions. All phases of design and mechanical construction are made within the company. For the management of several projects in Italy and in the world, PLANTECH collaborates to trust external companies, which, under careful supervision, perform mainly mechanical and electrical assembly. The start-up is always performed by internal technicians. With this approach it is possible to manage several projects at the same time, always guaranteeing proper delivery times and quality standards of the highest level: a feature that distinguishes us and that we are continually recognized.

Plantech provides structural analysis and design of systems, designed to meet customer needs, providing high quality services and respecting the agreed timing schedule. After careful study phase, Plantech engineers support the customer in choosing the right solution to be implemented, focusing on the characteristics and quantities of the material to be handled. The study of plant layout includes a logical development, detection of production space available, the installation of components and equipment, the design of the conveying lines, performing structural calculations (where necessary), the analysis of energy consumption in compliance with current regulations.

The Plantech objective is to meet the needs of customers and offering a customized production with high quality of materials and high standard of working. Due to internal resources, specialized technical office and workshop forefront, Plantech is able to study and produce innovative solutions and implement them in a flexible and timely manner while ensuring a high standard of quality.

The commissioning of the systems supplied by Plantech is always guaranteed, all over the world, by experienced and qualified staff who work directly on site. The assembly of the system can be realized by Plantech using the formula ‘turnkey” or directly by the customer, using the supervision and support of Plantech technicians.

Plantech assists , all over the world , its customers during all phases of plant realization, both constructive and productive, ensuring a continuous and timeliness after-sales support. The commitment and professionality of the technicians used for assistance, ensure the operational reliability of the systems supplied.

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