Plants for Ecology

Plants for Ecology

Experts in the construction of plants for Ecology

The plants for the Ecology sector proposed by PLANTECH include advanced solutions aimed at different fields of the sector, for example, in the process of purification of fumes, providing the dosage and pneumatic conveying of powders such as Lime, Soda, Bicarbonates, Activated charcoals etc. In handling products coming from the cleaning of electric filters, in conveying ashes coming from the waste to energy or incineration processes and a lot more; Plantech is able to provide systems for handling and dosing powder and granular materials, satisfying the needs of the  customers present in the sector, providing solutions with very high degree of automation which, in compliance with the regulatory standards in force, make it possible to optimise the processes and reduce to the minimum the presence of personnel required for the conduction.

The plants supplied by Plantech consist of: silos for the storage of products, devices for the extraction, big bags emptying station with hoist or with spider for forklift truck, manual or automatic bags emptying station, raw materials and additives dosing stations, pneumatic conveyors in dense or diluted phase, structures, the engineering and the entire installation necessary

Plants for the Ecology sector

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