Plants for the Chemicals industry

Plants for the Chemicals industry

Experts in the construction of plants for the Chemicals industry

The plants for the chemical industry consist of complex parts and their construction requires specific technical know-how that the PLANTECH personnel have matured over years of experience in the sector.

Plantech is today able to offer systems for handling powders and granules, satisfying all the needs of the customers present in the sector, providing plants with high degree of automation which, in compliance with the ATEX specifications and regulatory standards in force, make it possible to optimise the processes and reduce to the minimum the presence of personnel required for the conduction.

The plants supplied by Plantech consist of: silos for the storage of products, extraction devices, big bags emptying station with hoist or with spider for forklift truck, manual or automatic bags emptying station, raw materials and additives dosing stations, pneumatic conveyors in dense or diluted phase, structures, and the entire plant engineering necessary to feed the reactors and the process machines in general.

Plants for the Chemicals industry:

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