De dusting filters JF

De dusting filters JF

The de dusting filters  JF series have been designed on the basis of multi-year and specific experience in the field of air-dust separation.
The standards Plantech provide a complete range of filters at both sleeves that cartridge, with filtering surfaces, ranging from 5 to 34m2.
For particular applications can be made special filters with filtering surfaces up to 80m2.

The type of filter fabric, as well as the total area, is chosen according to the type of powder and its particle size.

Each filter is equipped with a compressed air storage tank, and valves for cleaning air jet in numbers proportional to the sleeves installed.
The cleaning system is controlled by an electronic card that sequencing the succession of groups of sleeves to clean, as well as the intensity of cleaning.
The robust mechanical construction makes the filters JF Plantech particularly suitable for use in pneumatic conveying systems, both in vacuum and pressure.

The cleaning and disassembly of the filtering sleeves is particularly facilitated by the presence of a large side door.

Upon request, the filters JF separators can be supplied suitable for installation in ATEX area.


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