Plants for Banbury feeding

Plants for Banbury feeding

Construction of plants for Banbury feeding

For feeding mixers with closed chamber using the rubber production industry, Plantech provides complete and automated solutions for the storage, handling and dosing of powders.

Plants of fundamental importance for feeding process machines such as closed mixers with gear wheels generally called the Banbury mixer. The supply of silos includes ladders and walkways, product filling pipes, dedusting filters, safety valves, level indicators and vibrating cone extractors for poorly flowable products.

When the raw materials come in bags or Big Bags, Plantech provides its own manual or automatic bags emptying stations and Big Bags emptying stations, provided with hoist or spider for direct loading or using forklift truck.

In both cases, the process machines can be equipped with specific optional devices, such as flat bottom extractors, pneumatic vibrators and fluidisation devices. The dosing stations used to supply the additives necessary with accuracy for the formulation of the mixture , are designed for both powders and liquids, using batchers and weighing scales, while the bags containing the pre-weighed additives which complete the formulation, are fed automatically into the mixer at every batch, by means of a special belt.

In plants for feeding the closed chamber mixers, the choice of the handling system is assessed in accordance with the distances to be covered, the type of product to be handled, the flow rates required and the type of process to be served.

The system mostly used is the pneumatic conveyor, used for the extraction of the products from silos and from the scales for feeding the weighed cyclone filters upline of the Banbury mixers.

The pneumatic conveyor for dense phase is often used for handling carbon black, thanks to the low transfer speed to help prevent degradation of the product.

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