Big Bags Stations DBB.F

Big Bags Stations DBB.F

Plantech offers a solution for managing and unloading of Big-Bags handling by forklift.
Thanks to a telescopic structure, the DBB-F stations are design to be able to recive big-bag up to 2000 mm height and 1100 x 1100 mm side.

In function of the flowability and dustiness of the product, Plantech has developed different types of hopper to collect the big-bag discharge:

  • Hopper with containing big-bags cone with front door for big-bags probe opening
  • Hopper with big-bags probe locking system to prevent dust spillage
  • Hopper with big-bags probe locking system and tensioning device for very sticky products

To facilitate the big-bags discharge for sticky products Plantech proposes:

  • Lateral pneumatic cylinders with semi spherical cap for big-bag compression
  • Bottom pale with pneumatic cyllinders to lift the four corners of the base of the big-bag and compressing it at the same time providing the discharge almost totally the big-bag

On discharge of the hoppers can be inserted:

  • Flat bottom extractore BX
  • Bin activators BXA

On demand, the systems of emptying big bags DBB.F can be supplied suitable for installation in ATEX area.

For more information download the data sheet in PDF format by clicking the link below