Hopper loader for powders HL

Hopper loader for powders HL

Tanks to years of experience in pneumatic conveying, Plantech has standardized a series of machines for powders conveying up to 4 t / h.
The hopper loader series HL4 and HL6 are completely and easily removable by claps , the series HL8 it is provided by front door for inspection and cartridge extraction

The systems consist of:

  • Suction hopper with filter
  • Extraction systems
  • Vacuum pump

The standard Plantech provides, according to the type of powder or product to be transported, the ability to use filters with sleeves or cartridge.
The type of filtering fabric, as well as the total surface, is chosen according to the type of powder and flows rate to ensure. Each hopper loader it is complete to compressed air tank and air jet valves in numbers proportional to the sleeves / cartridges installed.

The cleaning system is managed by an electronic card that sequencing the succession of groups of sleeves to clean, as well as the intensity of cleaning.

The hopper, of different capacities depending on size of the machine, it can be complete of:

  • Level sensor
  • Fluidification system
  • Pneumatic or electro-pneumatic vibrator
  • Vacuum breaker, for centralized systems

The product extraction systems can be:

  • Suction probe
  • Dosing screw
  • Rotary valve

Upon request, the whole system can be supplied for installation in ATEX area