Liquid feeding station DL

Liquid feeding station DL

Plantech, for PVC mixing plants, it offers several solutions for the management of liquid additives like plasticizers and stabilizers.
The dosing stations DL are customized according to the specifications that the mixing plant requires.
The stations may be composed of one or more dosing tanks.

The dosing tanks can be placed on load cells and manage multiple products in recipe.

In reason of not flowing fluids or for specific process requirements, we are introduced heating systems :

  • Heating external bands the tank – if necessary supported by internal agitator to ensure the uniform heating of the product
  • Immersion electric heaters reservoir
  • Recirculation heating circuit

The dosing stations may be inserted in self-supporting skid that, in the presence of heating systems, become panel cabins.

The supply Plantech provides filling systems in addition to the dosing station:

  • Immersion pneumatic pumps for bins
  • Hidraulic pumps for bins or tank
  • Vacuum pumps for products aspiration from bins or tanks