Manual empty bags EB

Manual empty bags EB

The manual empty bags is designed to facilitate the opening of bags containing powders, granules or ground of various sizes.
It is applied in the chemical, plastics, food, cement, pharmaceutical.

It is composed of:

  • Protective Operator cover
  • Vertical opening door with gas struts support
  • Bags platform support
  • Internal grille
  • Internal wall for dust filter area separation
  • Hopper

Options available:

  • De-dusting filter with cleaning air compressed valve, and centrifugal fan
  • Inlet connector for Big-Bags
  • Level sensor
  • Hopper cone fluidification system
  • Pneumatic hammerer

Special executions:

  • Hopper with flate bottom extractor BX
  • Hopper with bin activator BA

On request it can be supplied suitable for installation in ATEX area